The Pleated Skirt You Should Have

 I am all about the pleated skirts! Over the past year I have fallen in love with pleated skirts. I will admit that I have three pairs and I wear them all the time! There are so many reasons why I think everyone should have a pleated skirt, but the main reason is that they are so versatile and so easy to wear!


 You can wear with anything and everything. You can pair them with a fancy dressy top or a very cute t-shirt. Essentially, you can dress them down or dress them up, which is very good for someone who wants to go from work to a cute date. I also love that it is a transitional piece of clothing. I start wearing my pleated skirts from mid spring to late fall! They can easily be paired with boots, flats, loafers, or heels. Basically they are a girl's best friends. I got mine from Uniqlo and they were only $49.99 but they often go on sale for $19.99!

Bev's Eye View-The Pleated Skirt You Should Have
Bev's Eye View-The Pleated Skirt You Should Have

For me, what I love about these skirts are that they are so comfortable and easy to wear. I can just throw them on without thinking too much about them. But the one draw back is that for those of us that have a little bit of a big belly, wearing a pleated skirt too high or too low could make you look a little pregnant, so I suggest that you place it right at your waist, which is the smallest part of your body! 


Wearing it right at your waist allows for a more flattering figure and also allows you to eat as much as you want! Honestly, pleated skirts are the best transitional piece of clothing!

I have picked a few affordable options below if you want to shop for your own! Also, have a look at this skirt in action!

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