Six Personal Highlights & Lowlights From The Past Two Months

I can't believe we are in April already! It feels like yesterday that I was getting ready to ring in the new year and now we are launching into spring! It's so crazy. I have been away from this blog and all my social media outlets this week. This was because I recently lost my grandmother. It has been a heart breaking week for me and my family. So I decide to write this post because the past couple months, I have experienced the best and worst moments of life! I also just filmed a chatty get ready with me video to catch you guys up on my life thus far! Scroll down to watch that! 


Vivian's Birth: On February 14th of this year, my second niece was born!! She came into this world three weeks early and on the day of love! When I went to go visit her and my sister in-law; her parents (my brother and his wife) asked me if I would be her godmother! I have always struggled with what true happiness was and I have experienced happiness; especially when I am around my nieces and family; but when they asked me to be her godmother, there was this pure emotion that I can only describe as pure happiness. Their question brought tears to my eyes and made my heart burst with happiness. Being her godmother also means so much to me because my whole family is Christian and for them to ask me, a Muslim woman to be their daughter's godmother,  just meant the world to me. 

Fully Stepping Into The Freelance World: A couple weeks ago, I landed my first freelance job as a writer and a digital content creator. It was one of my new year's resolutions to make that step into freelance and make it into my full-time job. To be able to take that step was such a validating feeling for me! Here's to more freelance jobs.  

Baby's hand in Mom's hand
Working from home


Figuring Out My Finances:  I have been struggling with money for the past year! It has been truly difficult for me and there were times were I felt like a failure. With a mountain of student loans and credit card debts,  it often felt like I wouldn't find a way out! And this month, I have been learning about how to pay down my debts and live a life where I am not buried by money issues! The debt is still there, lol-but now I have a serious game plan!


The Death Of My Grandmother: Last week, I got the sad news that my grandmother had passed away. Although I have lost people in family before, this was the first time I lost someone who had a real impact on my life. My grandmother, who is my father's mother raised me from the age of five to eight years old. She was instrumental in the process of getting my brother and I to Canada. She was an incredible woman, a nurse, midwife, mother, wife, grandmother, friend, advisor, and an overall beloved human. There is truly a part of my world that is missing because she is no longer here. May God give her perfect peace! 

Fighting With Friends: A few weeks ago, I wrote two articles on friendship. One was about belong to a friend group and the other was how to solve a friendship dispute. And this week, I have been fighting with two friends I have known for so long. It has been such an interesting time in my life as I struggle not only with the lost of my grandmother, figuring out my career, but also fighting with friends. I have learned so much about what I want in a friend and what kind friend I want to be. Let's just say that my own articles came in handy!

Health Scares: As many of you know, last year I had major surgery to remove a massive tumor on my uterus. I wrote about my surgery story here if you want to read it! So, I am kind of used to having health issues. But in January, I had a pretty bad scare that really put me into an anxiety tailspin. I am glad that nothing came out of it but you never forget something like that; especially when you deal with health anxieties like I do.  

If you are in the mood to watch a video version of this post a long with a spring makeup tutorial, have a watch!!

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