How To Wear Animal Print For Beginners

Animal print is not my thing, I will say that right here, right now! But when I saw this snake skin blazer, I knew that I had to get it! Styling a piece like this can be quit difficult because lets be honest, how does one even wear animal print? If you have been following me for a while, you know I have never worn any animal print ever! 


 So here is how I style this animal print blazer. What I have learned is that you have to pair that item of clothing with what you usually wear. In my case, I had to pair this blazer with pair of jeans and a shirt! Which is what I would have done if it wasn’t a animal print blazer! Once I did that, I found it to be super easy to wear!  I got my animal print blazer at Zara!

Bev's Eye View- How To Wear Animal Print Blazer.jpg
Bev's Eye View- How To Wear Animal Print Blazer.jpg

Another way I paired this blazer is with a dress and a crisp white loafer! I have to say that this was my favourite way to wear an animal print blazer! I love wearing blazers with dresses!

Bev's Eye View- How To Wear Animal Print Blazer4.jpg
Bev's Eye View- How To Wear Animal Print Blazer4.jpg

So here are five simple tips on wearing an animal print blazer.

 1. Pair it with what you would normally wear a blazer with.

 2. Pick the right animal print, go with a print in a neutral colour that you can pair with anything!


3. Pick a blazer in cut that hits you in the right place. For someone like me, I can't wear blazers that are too short or too long because it will make my body shape look weird.

  4. Buy a blazer that compliments your whole wardrobe, I say this because you want to buy something in a print you can wear with anything.

   5. Don't think too much about it, it is just fashion! 

There you go, see that wasn’t so hard! I have picked a few affordable options below if you want to shop for your own! Also, have a watch of my most recent fall look book where I wear animal print!

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