How To Be Fashionable When Broke

Fashion like the seasons come and go, and we know that it is a cycle that we all enjoy. So, the worse part is when we have to sit out; which is no fun! As someone who doesn't have a whole of money to spend on clothes, it can be pretty hard to be fashionable. But fashion is understanding what looks great on you and picking the items that you rock well. Fashion isn't really about the money you spend, instead it's where and how you spend. Here are tips I have taken on and learnt while being fashionable when I am broke AF. 

Set Aside A Monthly Budget For Fashion: This is something I have taken on. I try very hard to set aside $50 to $100 a month towards buying clothes and shoes. This is a great way to be budget friendly and also a strict way to stick to a budget. Just set out a budget that works for you and stick with it. 

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how to be fashionable when broke

Buy Only What's On Sale Or What's Cheap: This is a policy that I truly live by. This is because, I am broke and I honestly don't have $50 to $100 to spend on one item of clothing. I am a visitor of the sales sections and racks at a store. It is honestly where I go first. But I also have a thing were I only by clothes that aren't more than $50 unless I really really really want it very very very badly. Budget is important and if that month I only have $50 than I have to think about it. So try your best to go to the sales sections first and stick to not buying something too expensive.

Find Affordable Stores To Shop At: With buying only what is cheap, go to stores you can afford. I don't go to stores that I know have extremely expensive items; I know I can't buy those things. So I go to stores that have a good price range from $10 to $200. With that being said, it doesn't mean there aren't super expensive things in these stores. I love H&M, Old Navy, Zara, Call It Spring, Gap, just to name a few. But all these stores have very stylish stuff. 

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Follow The Capsule Wardrobe: I started the capsule wardrobe this season and I am happy with it. For me, doing a capsule wardrobe had nothing to do with the environment or saving money but mainly because I didn't have the money to spend. A capsule wardrobe is sticking with a certain number of clothes and only wearing those piece per season. Every season you take pieces out and bring in new ones. I have loved doing that this season and now that we are heading towards the fall, I am taking some summer pieces out and adding some fall ones. 

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Don't Try And Keep Up With Bloggers Or Celebs: I follow this blogger that I love and I have been following her for awhile; and I thought she was like me. But the thing is, this girl has a great job and she is killing it at her job and making bank. She buys $2000 bags, and jeans that cost $200-$400 and tops that cost $100-$400, and buys clothes that are expensive. And I had to realize that we are not in the same salary bracket. After that, I don't strive to look like her or dress like her. I can't afford it and that's okay, I am not there yet. Don't compare yourself with people who make more money than you and can buy things you can't. Another thing is to try and get a cheaper version of what they are wearing. 


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