5 Things To Read, Watch & Listen To This April

And so it begins! Spring is officially here and we are moving ever so closer to summer! I have always loved April and this month, I have a few things for you to enjoy! Also, can you believe we are a in April? Time really does fly!

Watch: I have two amazing things for your viewing pleasure!

Good Girls: I have loved this show since it came on Netflix last year. The show centres on three women, two sisters and their best friend. They are average women with kids, husbands and they do very regular jobs. The thing is, they are low on cash and life is just not dealing them with great cards to play, so they decided to rob a grocery store! I can’t tell you how much I love this show. It is smart, funny, heart warming, and well written and acted. You will love it! The first season of the show is currently on Netflix, and the second season is airing weekly on NBC!

Tully: I just watched this movie and it left me so emotional! The movie centres on a mom of three who just gave birth. She is knee deep in being a mom and needs help. She is also struggling with stress, sleep deprivation, and being overwhelmed until she hires a night nurse. When the night nurse comes, they create a special bond but things go slightly out of hand. The last part of this movie will shock you. Warning, if you are a new mom and your going through a hard time, you might not want to watch this, but I also think it’s a great representation on how hard being a mom can be and that motherhood isn’t this idealistic thing. I really enjoyed this movie and I found it to be very emotional!

Listen: This month is all about the podcasts!

More Perfect Podcast: Ok, this podcast is amazing!!! More Perfect is about the supreme court of America. I know, you are thinking, “really, Bev?” But hear me out! More perfect dives into supreme court cases that helped create, change, enhance, or put into action the United States Amendments. Some episodes dive into how these amendments are used to change the law, such as the civil rights laws, gun laws, commerce laws, and international human rights laws. Some of these episodes will blow your mind. Honestly, when you listen to this podcast you will be shocked and dumbfounded. American legal history is so interesting. This podcast also helped me understand why America is the way it is and how change there can happen quickly but it can also not happen at all because of the way their constitution was created. If you want to understand gun laws, abortion, and police brutality, you have to listen to this podcast! Ps, only listen to episodes from 2016, and 2017, and a couple episodes in 2018, ignore all the Album episodes! My favourite episodes are “The Gun Show”, “The Gun Show Reprise”, “One Money, Under Money”, “Mr Graham and the Reasonable Man” and “Object Anyways”.

bevs eye view.png

Mating Matters Podcast: Ok, another podcast! This podcast is brand new! Its focus is the biology/science of dating, love, sex, and everything that comes into finding the right person to be with and have children with! It is so fascinating to listen to a doctor talk about dating, love, and sex in a biological way. She goes into online dating and how it affects us biologically, and about all the different kinds of love we have. It is truly a wonderful science lesson in your ears and you will feel so much smarter every time you listen to it. My favourite episodes are “What is Love?”, “Dating App-athy”, and “The God Who Clubs”!

Read: Here’s a little body positivity!

A couple months ago, I wrote a piece on the pleasure of loving your body. As someone who has struggled with body image, writing this piece was deeply personal; but it was also very therapeutic! So have a read and let me know your thoughts!

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