10 Things To Read, Watch & Listen To This June & July

Well hello, it's been a long while since I have been on here! Let me tell you what I have been up to! I took the month of Ramadan off, so, that meant no new content on the blog! Honestly, I took the month off because fasting and creating content is really tough. This past month has been so great and so many interesting things have been happening and I can't wait to catch you all up on it once everything starts to happen! This will be my only post for June, I will be back in August with regular posts. I am thinking of doing about two blog posts a week on here on Mondays and Wednesdays! I am assuming I will have lot more time, so, I am excited to really get back into the groove of things on this blog! I hope you have been well and that everything is great on your end! While I was away, I have been enjoying a few things , so here's everything you should read, listen to, and watch for the month of June and July.


I have been reading quiet a lot over the past few weeks and two books have stood out to me.

"This Is Going To Hurt" This book is about  a junior doctor and his perspective on being a doctor  in England. It is such a raw look into the medical industry and profession. If you like medical books or books written in a diary form, then you have to read this book. There are so many stories that will shock you, make you cry, and laugh at aloud. Most importantly, it gives a honest look at a world that most of us never really know anything about.

bev's eye view
call me your name/bevseyeview

Call Me By Your Name" Okay, so this book! Guys, this book has been life changing for me. When the movie came out in 2017, I was not having it. For some reason, I hated on it because everyone was so in love with it and I was not having it. I tried to watch the movie but I thought it was so boring. In April, I finally watched the movie, and found it boring but there was apart that got me, so I decided to pick up the book and I am so glad I did. I love this book so much and the love story really touched my heart. It is such a raw, critical, and honest look at first love. It is a literal look at a couple who have reached total and utter intimacy. This book has become one of my favourite books of the year and has earned a spot on my all time favourite books in life. It represents and means something to me that I don't think I understand quite yet! 


"Brene Brown's Netflix Special" So, I am on the Brene Brown train and I am loving it! What she talked about in her Netflix special really struck a cord in me and ever since, I am into vulnerability and courage. Being vulnerable is something that I struggle with and learning about it through her perspective has really helped me open up about so many things. So, if you have time, have a watch because something she says might strike a cord in you.

"Call Me By Your Name": Do you remember when I said I found this movie boring? Lol who am I? After reading the book like a million time in the past few weeks, I have a new found love for the movie. I have watched the movie so many times and although it is no where near as good as the book, I have learned to appreciate this film. Also, I am obsessed with the two actors in film. 

"Meredith Is There For Jo": So, I just came across this scene from the show "Grey's Anatomy". I haven't watched the show in years but I came across this clip and it spoke to me in such a deep way that it brought tears to my eyes. In the clip, Meredith basically tells Jo that violence and sadness is not her birthright and or her inheritance. As someone who has gone through so much in life what Meredith said spoke to me and it felt like something I needed to hear. So, have a watch and I hope you hear what you need to hear. 

"Serena Lalani’s Photography": We live in a world that makes everyone think they can be a photographer because of a little thing called Instagram. This month, I came across a photographer and her photos have deeply touched me. As someone who never travels and someone who doesn't have the travel bug at all, I have gotten the travel bug from this travel photographer! Her photos are so beautiful and make me want to get on a plane and travel the world. Her photography speaks to me on a level that I can't put into words. Do yourself a favour and hop on over to her site!

Serena lalani/bevs eye view
serena lalani/ bevs eye view


Every Podcast Episode With Brene Brown: Well, I told you I am on the Brene Brown train! So, I basically searched her name on Apple Podcast and listened to every episode of her talking. Here are three episodes that I really liked, she has done about three episodes with Oprah on her Super Soul Sunday Podcast. I loved her interview with Gwenyth Paltrow on her Goop podcast, and I loved her on Mariah Shriver podcast too! I suggest that you listen to all of them!

Rueben & The Dark: New band alert! I love discovering new music and his band is great. Their music is like an epic movie soundtrack mixed in with some soul! Their version of "What A Wonderful World" is just incredibly epic and beautiful! Their other songs are also just as beautiful!

CBC’s Front Burner Podcast: Abortion has become such a hot button topic issue in the United States right now; and there are some incredibly harsh abortion laws being put into place in many states all over America. So, I thought that it was important to know abortion laws in Canada and how they work. This podcast gives you a look at the history of abortion law in Canada and where we are now and where we might be heading in the future!

So, there you go, ten things that I have enjoyed, loved, and can't stop obsessing over! Wishing you an amazing summer and I will be back soon sometime in August! Sending so much love and positive vibes!!

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