Hi! I'm Beverly and as you're reading this, I'm a twenty-something Toronto based blogger and a digital content creator with a love for The Office, Superstore, and Friends. I'm watching Friends right now as I am writing this. Yup! That about wraps me up, but just for you, I will go more into detail.

With my love of T.V shows that make me laugh, I am a fan of beauty, make-up, lifestyle, and books. Yes, I am a real party animal here, lol. I started blogging as a hobby two year ago after I finished my Masters Degree. A year later, I started my YouTube channel.  I fell in love with blogging and wanted to make it into a business. After thinking about at it for a long while, I applied to a Journalism and New Media program. Once, I was accepted, I learned about journalism, writing, social media, filming, and editing. All this came in handy when I finally decided to turn my blog and YouTube into an actual business. I started this blog to write about everything from healthy living, make-up, beauty, to books.

I post videos on my YouTube channel weekly (Sundays at 9am EST) and I post here on the blog Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 9am EST, if you would like a read on your morning commute or with your morning coffee.

I also love reading and writing so much. I am obsessed with Instagram and Snapchat and I honestly can't get enough of it. Follow me on there to take a peek into my life. I am also on Pinterest and Bloglovin, so follow me there too!!