My Top Tips For Standing Up For Yourself At Work & In Your Personal Life

I think that sometimes we all struggle with speaking our mind or defending ourselves. Let's face it, standing up for yourself can be difficult because you have to state a difference of opinion, but having to say it to the person who is picking on you or the person who is taking advantage of you can be tough. So, here are five simple ways to stand up for yourself.

Examine the situation: This one is very important, examining the situation and understanding what is going on is really helpful. I got into a situation recently, where a freelance client didn't want to pay me. Obviously, I was in shock and so nervous, but I went back through our emails, and set up a meeting so I could really have in depth knowledge of what was happening. Once I did that, I was able to use that same information I had gathered to make sure I got paid. So make sure you know exactly what is being said and what they mean, and where they are coming from; this will help you approach the situation better.

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Speak up: This is what normally scares people because speaking up is a very scary thing; but it is important. People will continue to say what they want and do what they want until you say something. So, if you feel someone is taking advantage of you, say so. If you feel you are being disrespected, say so! Until you speak up, no one else will do it for you! But trust me, I know that this is difficult.

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Be Firm: I once heard that you have to show people how to treat you. Which can be hard because you except everyone to be nice. But my thing is, the moment someone disrespects you or crosses the line with you, right there and there is when you have to say no, I will not be treated like that. Being firm allows the person to know that you are not kidding and also to have a clear idea of what they can and cannot do. I think that sometimes when you get into a situation, it is important to be firm on how you feel so that you can be clear on what you want from the other person.

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Be Diplomatic: This is one I live by because people expect you to be irrational or too angry but what I have realized is that in order to stand for yourself, you have to approach everything with calmness. Being diplomatic will often make people feel unsure, remember if someone is taking advantage of you or are picking on you, they aspect you to be angry and upset because number one you have every right to be but most importantly they are hoping your emotions get the best of you. So when you remain calm and explain everything rationally and clearly, they are often not ready and that is when you can truly win.

I hope these tips help you and I hope you know that you are not alone in this!

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